PTI Beautiful Girls Dance Videos

PTI Girls Dance PTI is one of the most popular political party in Pakistan. Which became a party of new generation. Most of Pakistani young girls are also participating in PTI jalsas. Most of PTI beautiful girls like to perform dance on party songs. PTI beautiful girls have make PTI party more colorful. PTI girls(…)

PTI Girls Harassed in Lahore and Islamabad Jalsa Video

PTI Girls Harassment Videos PTI is one of the top political party in Pakistan. Most of people are well known to PTI for participation of beautiful girls in dharna and crowdie meetings. PTI girls are also popular for dance on different party songs. Most of PTI beautiful girls like to make party tattoos on faces.(…)

Pakistani Girl News Reporter Harassed By Boys

Pakistani Girl Reporter This is a real video of a Pakistani beautiful news reporter who was making a documentary report on eid eve but some Pakistani boys started to tease her. Even most of Pakistani boys were taunting beautiful abb tak news reporter. Even Pakistani female reporters are not save and secure in Pakistan. Watch(…)

Lahore Beautiful Girl Amazing Video

Lahore Amazing Girl Video This is an amazing video of Lahore girl who is working hard on a petrol pump as an employ. She is first Pakistani girl who is working on a petrol pump otherwise there is no girl in pakistan’s history who had worked at petrol pump. She is determine and happy. Watch(…)

Three Years Old Girl Got Marriage in Pakistan

Pakistani 3 Years Old Girl Marriage This is really a shocking news for everyone in Pakistan when the family of 3 years old girl attempted to get marriage of her. It is a very old custom in many northern areas of Pakistan. Where people believe in child marriages. But this marriage of a 3 years old girl has(…)

Why Pakistani Boys Tease To Girls On Mobile Phone

Wrong Calls To Girls This is a very useful video for all Pakistani girls and their families who are disturbed from wrong calls of boys. This video has a lesson for all girls. Now you can know how boys tease to Pakistani boys on wrong calls. This video has been taken from a real story(…)

Girl Raped in Pakistan by Her Real Father – ARY News

Father Raped With Daughter This video has been taken from sar e aam an ARY news channel program when they have broadcast a shocking real story of a father who daily raped with her daughter. It was a very tragic story of girl who contact with iqrar ul hassan host of sar e aam program. According(…)

Lahore Girls School Scandal Exposed

Lahore Govt School Scandal Majority of Lahore school girls are getting their education from govt schools due to financial problems. Govt schools are providing free education with free books. That’s why most of parents like to admit their daughters in govt schools. But all govt schools are giving right education or something doing wrong in Lahore(…)

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