Five Beautiful Wedding Photos Of Pakistani Girls 2017

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Pakistani Weddings and Traditions

Pakistani weddings are totally different to the western weddings. Pakistani weddings have different parts which are arranged according to the days. First day of marriage called as mehndi or hina night. Next day called as barat and third day called as Wallima. Hina is special occasion of girls. When pakistani girls wear colorful dresses. Actually hina night is occasion of colors. Pakistani girls sing different local songs on hina night. Barat is also a beautiful part of pakistani wedding when groom come to the house of bride and perform nikah with her and take her to his home. Last day of pakistani wedding is wallima. Wallima is arraged at the house of groom when he invite family of bride and family of bride again bring groom and bride at their home.

Karachi Girls Wedding Photo 2017

This picture has been capturedĀ at a wedding hall. Pakistani families love to take photos with bride and groom. Even these pictures are memorable for all of them.

Lahore Girls Wedding Photo 2017

Most of pakistani girls take beautiful photos in new colorful wedding dresses. These photos in new dresses give a new look and attraction to photos of Pakistani girls. Majority of Pakistani girls like to take group photos in Pakistani wedding.

Pakistani Beautiful Girl Wedding Photo 2017

Selfie photos are also very popular in Pakistani wedding. Pakistani girls take beautiful selfie photos in wedding ceremonies. Most of pakistani girls like gajras in hands and open hairs on their shoulders.

Wedding Photo

Most of pakistani girls like funny photos with smiling faces on wedding. They like to take photos with their childhood friends.

Wedding Picture Girl

There are many girls in Pakistan who like to take selfie pictures in colorful dress. Colorful dresses make them more beautiful.

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