Pakistani Girls Ramadan Ki Tiyari Photos Sehri and Iftaar 2017

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Pakistani Girls Ramzan Celebration

Ramadan is a sacred month for the whole muslim community. Every muslim wants to get mercy of Allah in this holy month. Even Pakistani girls have also much interest in the month of Ramadan. They perform 5 times prayers with punctuality. They prepare sehri and iftari for whole families. The spend whole day busy but they feel happiness in the happiness of Allah and their families.

Prayers in Ramadan Girls

Pakistani is facing electricity fall down even Ramadan month of 2017 arrived in summer season which is very hard for everyone. But Pakistani girls never feel disappointment. They keep smile for their families. Pakistani girls are very hard working females of the world.

Pakistani Girls Ramzan Photo

Pakistani girls whole day remains busy in Ramadan season. Most of girls have to maintain their kitchen for best food preparation. They go markets for ramazan shopping. But they like to live in veil.

Lahore Girl Ramadan Picture

Veil makes them more beautiful to Pakistani girls. They look like fairies of earth in islamic dresses and veil is real traditional dress of muslim females.

Beautiful Girl Ramzan Photo

Pakistani girls spend whole day in kitchen or markets. It is not easy for all females. Summer season is very hard for everyone and fasting make summer days more difficult.


But Pakistani girls face hot summer days with fasting happily. They did not drink and eat whole day. It expresses their love for Allah and their families.

Pakistani Girl in Ramadan Before Sunshine

Majority of Pakistani girls keep their eyes down. Its traditional style of all Pakistani muslim girls. Which is very attractive.

Pakistani Girl in Market For Ramadan Shopping

Pakistani girls have to get up early in the morning. They prepare sehri for whole family members. It is not easy to leave bed in mid night. But Pakistani girls do this job happily.

Pakistani Married Girl Sehri Photo

Most of pakistani girls prepare sehri without light. They use emergency lights for preparation of sehri.Sehri Photo Girl

Pakistani young girls like to iftar in hotels or restaurants. They enjoy Iftari with friends and families.

Pakistani Girl Ramadan Photo

Now a days Pakistani girls love to take selfies before Iftaar dinner. They give different poses for Iftar photos.

Pakistani Girls Iftar Selfie

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